Rockland II - VII

Rockland II - VII

Commercial & Residential Building


Meet Rockland, the latest luxury compound from H.E.C - B.D.C, strategically located in a residential area in Mansourieh, 10 minutes from Downtown Beirut. Consisting of six 4-floor buildings, Rockland offers a total of 24 apartments of diverse layouts (100sqm-270sqm) and 19 premium ground-floor boutiques (45-70sqm).


  • Central path separating Rockland VII, VI, V, IV facing Rockland III & II.
  • 2nd floor of Rockland VI, V, and IV hosts H.E.C Fitness.
  • 3rd and 4th floors of Rockland VI, V, IV, III and II are duplexes.
  • Basement parking.
  • Ground-floor shops, each with bathroom and small kitchenette.
  • Glass-fronted commercial building (Rockland VII) with office/showroom space.
  • Garden (adjacent to Rockland VII) separating the project from the highway.
  • Compound accessible by private back road that runs across project's entire length.