H.E.C Green

"Creating A Greener Lebanon"

H.E.C Green is a private initiative born to fulfill a public need: Lebanon’s need for green spaces following major forest damage and decline due to the forest fires of October 2007.

All it took to conceive H.E.C Green was one glance at an environmental awareness billboard: the billboard stated that only a small fraction of greenery remains in our beloved Lebanon. The forest fires that had ravaged the country threatened its natural heritage, an integral part of national heritage. We at H.E.C could not sit back idly and let that happen.

Accordingly, we decided to give gardens and greenery a substantial share in our real estate projects in Lebanon, some well underway and others planned for completion in the next five years. These lush, landscaped, newly planted green spaces will be permanently in place - maintenance and preservation are guaranteed.

Each of the projects included in H.E.C Green will be planted with trees and plants, such as olive and pine, compatible with the location’s existing vegetation to preserve the habitat and f lavor of the place. To implement its plan, and in support of Lebanese tree nurseries, H.E.C Green is purchasing, from local sources, medium- to large-sized trees, as well as plants and grass.

Furthermore, H.E.C Green planted 250 cedars to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the forest named after His Excellency, President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Sleiman, this initiative, contributed to Lebanon’s environment and forests.

Through H.E.C Green, we hope to pave the way for a sustainable long-term greening strategy. We welcome partnership proposals from investors interested in creating a greener Lebanon. We also welcome any competition or trend this initiative will create. Consistent with H.E.C’s other humanitarian initiative, H.E.C Heart (launched following the July 2006 War), H.E.C Green is the latest ambitious step in the company’s long tradition of philanthropy, national loyalty and community commitment. This innovative program takes the lead to embrace a growing trend among the world’s mega-corporations to address environmental concerns, eco-living and forest preservation. Above all, H.E.C Green is our way of giving back to the environment that sustains us.

A Note from the Chairman: “I hope H.E.C Green will start a chain reaction geared at making Lebanon once again green. By altering our practices and choices to support the environment, our collective efforts can make a huge impact on preserving it”.
- Karim S. El-Hajjar

On the occasion of H.E.C's Golden Anniversary, marking 50 years of service and development, the company's pioneering environment subsidiaries H.E.C Green celebrated by planting 250 cedars in Kfardebian, in the forest named after His Excellency President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Sleiman. This initiative, which will contribute to Lebanon's environment and forests, is set to be the beginning of many other such initiatives in the future.

After fires consumed Lebanese forests and green areas declined in Lebanon, El-Hajjar Enterprises Company (H.E.C), decided to sponsor a nationwide green campaign in which seeds were dropped via helicopter over an area of one million square meters throughout Lebanon.
For the campaign launch, high-ranking Lebanese officials gathered at the Presidential Palace to raise awareness about this crucial matter.

On Sunday January 23rd 2011, in the presence of Mr. Wissam Baroud, the H.E.C team headed to Fatre- Jbeil to plant the seeds with their own hands with the help of the city's citizens.

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