H.E.C Homes

"Prefabricated With Perfection"

Established in the beginning of 2012 , H.E.C Homes introduces a large elegant variety of prefabricated homes. We offer you the most efficient and cost-effective solution for new home building!


H.E.C guarantees homes that are comfortably and stylishly well designed for great usage of your living space, suitable for all seasons (cold winters and hot summers). 


H.E.C makes beautiful homes suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional buyers. Using our breakthrough computer modelling, unique use of steel, wood and revolutionary folding technology we promise to deliver beautifully customized homes in a fast set up and modern green  aspect,

These houses are environment friendly by securing a better energy saving and fast installation with limited accessible cost. H.E.C Homes building process is energy efficient, quieter, and better ventilated, creating less waste, less destruction to the natural habitat and the open designs allow for spaces to feel larger than they are.


H.E.C homes provide healthy houses to live in, using the highest standards in mind.

H.E.C Homes took on RIKKY’Z Restaurant as its first project in Faraya near Chabrouh dam. The project 650m2 in size which is ideal to fit all the various functions that the client requested including a huge kitchen, a vast outdoor terrace, and a service area. Moreover, it is located 1700m above sea level with breathtaking views that overlook the ski slopes and surrounding towns and valleys. The structure is made from laminated squared high quality European wood (200 mm thickness), with a big double glazed façade to emphasize the big size of the wood structure.


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